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look at them,
they have no shiny names,
one’s called dick, even
another is leonard
(he will never stop haunting you, chairman)

look at them,
they are colours
that stand in the sun
and glow
(of blue and red, of aqua and steel, of fucking orange,
not gold,
and maroon too)—
they make your green and grey skulk
in the shadows

watch them

fuck your shit so completely
and utterly.

cover art by me + print screen


you messed with the wrong Church motherfucker


you messed with the wrong Church motherfucker



it’s like 9th grade picture day all over again



it’s like 9th grade picture day all over again



Oh gosh though. It’s interesting if you go back and listen to their letters with the knowledge that Hargrove is going after him personally, and that the Director possibly knows that and still doesn’t manage to give a fuck.

"The protocol is not a guideline, dear Director. It is doctrine, and no one is above its rule."

That’s rich.

"I value all our subjects’ well being. But I revere above all else our ability to continue as a species - our ability to survive."

You’re both just straight up fucking lying to each other god damnit

"Please do not attempt to recast this investigation as some type of personal vendetta."

Hahaha really Hargrove. Just wow.

"What has surprised me most about mankind during the Great War is not our ability to adapt to the new arenas of conflict, but instead, our willingness in victory to so quickly return to the old."

Translation: Have you not forgiven me for stealing your shit yet, it wasn’t even stealing, I was just borrowing it without permission, come on.

"When they write the new morality protocols for dealing with AI, I am certain they will name entire sections of the doctrine after you. It seems that you will earn your place in history after all…dear Director."

I hope something like this get carved into his tombstone after the whole Chorus thing.

So that sure puts a spin on the context of their letters.

I’m laughing so hard this entire sequence is a million times better now. Its just two assholes sending letters to each other with smirks all “man you’re so dumb. I’m lying to your goddamn face and no one will ever know”.

These fucking jackasses. I love it.

What was some of your favourite comments, off the top of your head?

A little off topic, but I think the name Charon is pulled from the dude who trained all the Greek heroes like Achilles and Heracles/Hercules.  

No. Hes the one who brought the dead to the underworld. With the boat and the river styx…

i wish i could edit gifs because i want nothing more then to edit that one piece gif of the zombie coming out of the grave and being hit back in so that the zombie is the meta and the dude beating him back to his grave is you  

People are free to use any selfies Ive taken for this.