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I’ve gotten a good number of messages about the title of last night’s episode, Out of the Frying Pan, and I felt like answering that ask yesterday didn’t really get read so I’m going to write what I think here.

I don’t think 479er is coming back unless the plot calls for it. And right now I don’t know that the plot calls for it. 

I WANT her to come back, hell everyone from Lee Eddy to Miles Luna know Id be the most excited if it happened. But that last episode was full of references and it might just be another reference.

Felix referred to himself as the “Captain” and that was implying he’s going to pilot the ship. I think. If they hired her to get them off planet and he just oversees it that’s also possible I suppose, if he still has to stay on the planet, that MIGHT be a thing but it doesn’t sound likely.

So basically DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATHE you’re probably going to get burned by this one. 

I doubt it will happen, either. But there are reasons why 479er could end up there.

The Chairman tasks her with finding Wash and the BGC, he’s made worse deals with prisoners before. If anyone knows about avoiding crash landings, it’s her so she could feasibly survive being pulled from orbit.

She could be working for Charon/Control now along with Felix and Locus. She’s valuable since she knows about PF and after getting stuck at a desk job and ordered to let her friends kill her other friends, possibly bitter.

Seems like a waste that she had development in the works just to disappear in 2 seasons. It would tie the freelancer arc into the present in  a good way. Not too many people survived all that and it seems like another time and another world ago but what happened to the people that were a part of it is probably an interesting story nonetheless.

Yeah and with Jack Lee saying Chairman may make appearances next season…I guess I can remain hopeful for the eventual future?

But at the same time Miles is absolutely adamant that Freelancer is Over and I just dont want to hope against hope and get burned on this of all things, two years later.



I seriously think something’s wrong with Wash. I seriously think they implanted suggestions in his subconscious or some shit.

Because he took something from Locus, no questions asked, as though it were a perfectly normal thing to do. He’s been lethargic and not really all there this whole time we got him back. But what gets me is that when Caboose almost got stabbed Wash, who was literally standing right next to him, did nothing, not even after the fact. Like he didn’t even realize what was about to happen right next to him. Like he had been programmed to blank out when his friends are about to be killed, and then didn’t remember afterwards. Partial activation but not full activation.

Locus turned Wash into a sleeper agent. Guys. Guys no not this.

see i suggested someone may have messed with his neural implants but this is so much worse

The Fourth Thing


Let’s talk about your dad, Carolina.

Let’s talk about the things he didn’t do.

We don’t have time for that. Let’s talk about the things he did.

No time for that either. The things your father did are recorded in military history, but not in bronze. In black and white, in laws he broke, in UNSC reports you need a certain clearance to access, and in bytes, in encrypted computer files (not just the kind that walk around inside people). No need to talk about the things your father did. It’s all written down, somewhere.

Let’s talk about the things he did right. We have just enough time for that.

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It was episode 2 actually but thanks. Wouldn't have found it without your help  

AH thats right episode one just had the York bit. Okay yeah there you go. <3

Do you remember what episode the out of the frying pan quote is in? Trying to find it to make an audio file but so far I am unsuccessful.  

Episode 1 of season 10 I think.

but…the title was “out of the fire”?

Only for the sponsors release. It was apparently different for public release. Not the first time it’s happened this season.

The entire RVB fandom looked at that episode title and finished it as 

I swear to god.




nononono I don’t think you understand

shit is going down next episode

"Out of the Frying Pan" was last episode

and as the saying goes

"And Into the Fire"

Unless it ends it “and into the shit”. :D

meta pls


nononono I don’t think you understand

shit is going down next episode

"Out of the Frying Pan" was last episode

and as the saying goes

"And Into the Fire"

Unless it ends it “and into the shit”. :D


shit is going down next week

last nights ep was called “out of the frying pan” except the sponsor release was called “out of the fire” and i was like “wtf thats not how the saying goes”

and the saying goes “out of the frying pan and into the fire” which traditionally means “out of worse shit and into even worse shit”

which pretty much means shit for the fandom


When I saw “out of the fire” I laughed thinking it was going to be “Out of the fire into the frying pan” or something.